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HIGH x1200
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New HIGH x1000 - 10 MARCH

We are ready to open our second world HIGH x1000 - 10 MARCH !

The basic settings like spot structure, monster count per spots, boss rewards, boss respawns, event times and rewards are the same as it is in LOW x120 server currently. In HIGH x1000 there will be different drop rates for specific items like Lucky Coin, Silver and Gold medal...ofcourse EXP and VIP System different (different bonuses), GR limit is raised up, also free points after each reset will be 900 / 1000 instead off 600 / 700 ! All information about server you can read down below, do not forget to visit forum -> Game Information - here you can find all information about both servers (information like VIP, Party System, Lucky Coin Event, Boss Reward, Event times and more...)

Sever already have a very good balance between all classes, zen drop is configured, nice level roading and more. Jewels, Zen and other items like items+zen have a BIG value in-game, also things like W Coin (C)/W Coin (P)/Goblin Points, Gold Coins for in-game CashShop can be ONLY collected by players themselves.

The fastest way to level-up is by creating party, because of extra EXP bonus. No OP items, limited shop, fair play for everyone. Information about rewards and other system configuration settings can be found down below and also at our forum.


» Version: Season 6 Episode 3
» Experience: x1000
» Master Exp: x50
» Event Experience: x1100
» Item Drop: 50%
» Max Master Level: 200
» Max Excellent Option Limit: 2
» Max Stats: 32k
» Item Shop: Limited
» In-game Cash Shop X
» Reconnect System
» Auto Party System
» Happy Hour Bonus Exp


» Reset Level: 400
» Reset Price: 1kk * Resets
» Reset Stats: Yes
» Reset Free Points: Resets * 900 (SM, ELF, BK, SUM) / Resets * 1000 (MG, DL, RF)
» Reset Reward: 10 Coins + 5 Gold Coins

» GR Required Resets: 100
» GR Price: 200kk
» GR Reset Stats: Yes
» GR Free Points: 5'000
» GR Reward: 1000 Coins + 100 Gold Coins


GoldMU Online PvP, PvM settings are made based on maximum stats and with good set items - don't expect all classes to deal same damage.
PvP, PvM settings are still adjusted. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, each class has its own settings for defense and damage. Remember, for classes need many stats to train for defense and damage while other classes can train just agility while getting defense and damage.

Added March 8, 2018 by baLLerz
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